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I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have a couple of minor run-ins with the law while flying. The most recent of those was a helicopter crash in California that involved a copter that made a sharp turn. The copter had two kids in it, and a man on the ground was killed. The copter, unfortunately, went down in a bad spot, and the pilot was ejected, but the copter was damaged.

It gets worse. A few days ago, another copter crashed and was totaled in the same area. The copter was a Cessna, and this one had two kids in it. One of the kids died, and the other was severely injured. All three of the kids were taken to the hospital, and one was released. Now, this is a good thing. Because being in the helicopter with kids, and the copter’s kids, is dangerous.

It’s especially dangerous when it’s kids and copters. And even if the kids survive, the pilot was pretty badly injured and could have been killed. It’s also dangerous when the copter is a Cessna and the pilot is an experienced pilot who was flying a heavier aircraft. This copter was an A-10.

We thought of that as well, but it was the first time we saw this sort of thing. It was a little frightening, but it made us feel good. One of the videos starts with a guy going around looking over his shoulder, and then it turns to look at a kid looking over his shoulder, and he seems to get more and more scared. It’s a scary thing.

One of the videos shows some guy who just got killed by a helicopter. There is even a video of an injured person who is looking up at the sky in the direction the helicopter came from. That’s scary.

We were actually a little surprised that we ended up watching this video. I can’t remember if it was because it was the first time we saw it or because it was the first video of it that we saw, but it was definitely the second, as we were watching it for the first time. The guy was very close to death, so I’m not sure what the point is.

I think the helicopter’s crash was more due to the fact that the pilot was flying very low and trying to avoid crashing into the ground. The helicopter was actually a military aircraft, so it was probably intended to crash into a wall or something. I’ll say this though. The people who died were lucky the pilot didn’t die in the crash. The video below shows a helicopter crashing down into the ground.

If you look at a helicopter crash, you will probably find that the helicopter is in trouble and the pilot is trying to save his life. In a helicopter crash you will find a pilot struggling to stay on his feet. This is because a helicopter crashes when a pilot loses consciousness. The reason for this is that if the pilot is not on his feet, he can’t save himself. It’s this very thing that causes the helicopter to explode into a ball of fire.

I love the concept of a helicopter crash. A helicopter crash is like a “screw that, let’s crash!” moment. It’s like, “Yeah, this is all a big joke. I’m not even going to try to get out of this.

The crash of a helicopter was what caused the largest explosion in the history of the explosion, the Chernobyl explosion. The same thing happened to a Boeing 767, a 747, a DC-10, and an A330. All of those crashes were caused by pilots losing complete consciousness, and all of them burned to death. The reason they all burned to death is because they were all on fire.

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